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Home to over 150 universities, the UK higher education system offers a wide range of entry points and welcomes everyone motivated to work for their success.

Regardless of your educational or professional backgrounds, there is always a study option in the UK to match your abilities, interests, and goals.

Start with a Foundation Year if your qualifications need improvement, choose Undergraduate studies if you did well in high school, or get a Masters degree to boost your CV.

With a suitable residence status, you could also qualify for UK government-backed student loans covering your study and living costs.

Benefits of Studying in the UK

Studying in the UK provides a unique chance for better job opportunities, new skills development, networking, and access to resources.

British universities deliver the highest quality of teaching, research and business cooperation.

The UK's welcoming student community is open-minded, friendly, and eager to connect, creating lasting memories and meaningful relationships.

Better Jobs
Studies in the UK can lead to top positions and higher pay.
Expert skills
Become skilled in your field and valuable to employers.
Teamwork & Communication
Work well with others and share ideas effectively.
Think & Solve Problems
Learn to think on your own and find great solutions.
Flexibility & Confidence
Get better at dealing with new situations and changes.
Resources & Support
Access helpful tools and assistance when needed.

Start with less-than-perfect qualifications

UK universities welcome students with different qualifications, making studying in the UK accessible.

Many of them offer pre-study programs, such as ‘Year Zero’ or ‘Pre-Masters’ to improve your English language and study skills.

The goal is to help you get started, gain confidence, improve over time and achieve great results.

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Application Support

Get a full package of application support from UniEdu to maximise your chances for admission.

UniEdu is a British Council certified organisation, a registered UCAS centre and a long-term partner of numerous universities in the UK.

Since 2013, we have helped over 5000 students secure their places at British universities.

Our Free Package Includes:

Access to Application Portal
Strategic Educational Advice
Help with University and Course Selection
Support With Application Forms
Personal Statement Reviews
Help With Obtaining References
Student Finance and Visa Application
Instant Messenger Support
Deadlines and Application Reminders
CV Review and more...

Start Working on Your Application Today

Take the first step towards your studies in the UK with a quick and simple registration in the application portal.

Get instant access to our application tools and personalised support free of charge.

Our UK University Application Tools

In order to optimise your application and boost your chances of admission to British Universities, we have developed a set of dedicated application tools.


Check which level of studies, university and financial support you can apply for.


Easily apply to Foundation Year (Zero) in as little as 5 minutes.

UCAS Apply

Make your UCAS application to Undergraduate studies easier and organised.


Organise your all your Master's applications in one place, with our MasterApply tool.


Get PostApply package support after sending the application. Secure your place at the university, get help with your Student Finance, Visa, CV, accommodation and more. UniEdu Applicants get this package worth £595 for free.

Need help or have questions?

Message us at any stage of your application process.

Chatting with us is fast, simple and stress-free.

Start with "Hi!" and we will take it from there.

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We have worked with thousands of amazing people

“I am very grateful to UniEdu for all the help at all stages of the application. For every answer and advice. For your time and patience. Thanks to you, everything worked out and I will soon be the happiest student in the UK. I recommend UniEdu with all my heart.🧡”

Agata from Poland
Agata from Poland

“Very helpful and super empathetic consultants. Communication beyond amazing, and all questions answered very promptly and in detail. I feel supported and the application process is very straight forward because of UniEdu.”

Katrina from Latvia
Katrina from Latvia
Fashion Textile student

“Highly recommend for anyone who doesn't know where to start and whom to ask for help, as the application for the University can be quite challenging if you don't have the right person who can guide you. ”

Oana from Romania
Oana from Romania
Graphic Design student

“They are helpful and patient. They helped me with whole application process. Contact with uni, student funding, changing the uni after. Even with the language test - they know everything!😍 Quick response to all my questions even the small and stupid ones. They never left me with any problem!”

Izabela from Poland
Izabela from Poland